Weight base price

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I am Shopify developer. We have a situation here and I want some solution. Let me explain it.
We have some items that are not in fixed weight e.g. tomatoes. We offer like 100gm. If a client purchases 100gm it is not possible to exactly
weight 100gm, sometimes it higher than 100gm and sometimes it is lower.
The problem is that how to manage the price for extra lower/higher grams.
For higher volumes I have suggested the client to have 1gm product which will be invisible on site and if there is weight higher than 100gm just
add that 1gm item for each extra gram and the email sent to client will also contain information about price and weight.
Now the problem is how to handle the price for weight lower than 100gm. e.g. We are sending 90gm instead of 100gm.
I am open to use any application or custom solution or any other idea.