What are the major problem New Store owners face

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Has a store owner can you kindly discuss the major and basic problem store owners would face and how to overcome them

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Hi, @ThePeters .

Very glad to hear from you.


There are many, many problems with a new store that can be fixed.

We start from the establishment of the website, which will help you better understand the solution. Hope my answer can help you out.


1. How to select a product

Choosing a niche market will help you acquire and convert customers. When choosing a product, we may think what kind of supply I have, what kind of customers do I sell the product to, if we keep thinking this, it would be a wrong logic.


First of all, we have to think about who my target customers are, what kind of products they like, and where do I need to acquire these products and sell them. If you have already found your customers and found out the real needs of these customers, then you can further look for the products that the customers like, after you figure out the all these problem, you’ll have a chance to boost your sales.


2. How to present the product

You already found a good product. How can its pictures and videos better present this product in the process of promotion? Presenting the product in an appropriate way will help customers understand the product and finally give them motivation to purchase it.

Remember not to randomly pile up product images and present them to your customers.

We should carefully layout the product display page, and make product pictures with high resolution, high-quality and a sense of design.


3. How to acquire customers


A successful store is inseparable from customer acquisition. If you don't get any customers, your store is like an island. If no one knows about your store and your products, no one will buy your products.


What you need to do is to promote the store so that more people can see it. You can write blogs, post in the community, post your product introductions on Facebook, and post your videos on TikTok. In a word: find where your customers are and post your content there.


It is a reasonable solution to obtain traffic through advertising. This is the most convenient way to obtain a large amount of traffic, Only if you have sufficient fund. You need to look at the ROI of advertising to avoid wasting too much advertising investment.


4. How to boost conversion rate


When the website has traffic, you need to use marketing automation to increase the conversion rate of customers and increase the sales of your store.


When your website has traffic, you need to use marketing automation to increase the conversion rate of users and increase the sales of your store.


Tracking the visit trajectory of consumers on the site and timely interaction can increase customers' willingness to place orders. Rich shopping scene templates can realize shopping guide transformation strategies in different scenarios, enhance customer favourability, and pull orders in a timely manner. Accurate marketing reach, grasp the interaction between consumers and brands in a timely manner, and trigger marketing actions.


Identify new and old customers, carry out tagged operations for different groups, and send different promotions. Optimize and adjust the delivery strategy, understand the characteristics of online store visitors and buyers, adjust the delivery strategy in time, and improve GMV.


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Different from the previous perception and blind positioning, the conversion of users can be effectively improved through insight into the attributes of consumer behaviour. If you notice the above four problems, you will definitely get good traffic and sales, which can effectively boost your income.


Hope the information above can help you out. Thank you.

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