What causes a sudden spike in website sessions?

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Just curious if anyone knows the cause of a sudden spike of sessions. Like between 7 and 8 AM I all of a sudden had 23 sessions. Which I know cannot be real. It happens on my husbands store as well. I really want to fix the issue but I don’t know if it’s a Shopify issue an ad account issue or a domain issue. If anyone else has experienced this and learned how to fix it, please let me know so we can fix ours too. Thank you very much for any feedback

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hi! it’s most likely bots from google, fb, ig etc - you can confirm by downloading the BM country blocker app. it shows you exactly where each visitor is located, their IP address, and specifically if they are high or low risk bots. look at the shop visitor report and UNCHECK

hide low risk bots to confirm where the visitors are coming from. if from google, etc then they are just indexing your site and you have nothing to worry about. you can block any high risk bots within the app as well. hope this helped.