What causes ghost carts on my ecommerce platform?

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I have recently (in the last month or so) started to see what I have named ghost carts on my live view and can't understand why.


This happens several times a day, where there is nobody on the site, but a few minutes before the ghost carts we may have someone from a different country on.  So, active users is zero, but then we have active carts start at 1 and then counts up to 4 (see images).  After 10 minutes this starts to count down again to zero, still with no active users.  As mentioned this happens several times a day.  I just can't make sense of it,. Is anyone else experiencing something similar?  Can anyone shed any light?




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Possibly a bot/crawler? Not sure...

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OK thanks, I am not technical, so not sure what that means.

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Search engines like Google, Amazon and more scroll through websites to check what prices products are sold for etc.. Usually, Shopify has a way of detecting them and will not show them.

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I have had this same problem for years, it is insanely annoying.  It will also grow exponentially within a minute or two.  It happens constantly, at least several times per hour.  I wish @Shopify would do something about this. I've seen many threads about this over many years. I've tried asking their support team and they literally cannot comprehend what I'm even saying.