What components do I need from Shopify for my e-commerce site?

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Hope you all are doing, I currently have a e-commerce site on go daddy. I wanted to know if I build a basic e-commerce site that sells clothes and purses, what are all of the components I would need to purchase from Shopify to do this?


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It is nice that you are taking an initiative to move to Shopify now. 
There are numerous thing you should do to make your site ready to sell in Shopify but again taking one step at a time and learning through the way will help you. 
This 1 hour course from Shopify should be a good starting point for you. 

There are many little steps you need to get done but i'll highlight some important points. Also, feel free to contact us if you ever need help. 

1. Point your domain from Go-daddy to Shopify. -> This allows you to point your Domain name to  Shopify's servers. This means when someone enters your domain name, it correctly directs them to your Shopify store.
2. Export and import your products from Go-daddy to Shopify. 
3. Pick a theme template. Shopify offers many free and paid themes. Pick one and start designing the heck out of it to represent your brand. 
4. Get your payments and Shipping options (Shopify makes this easy for you)
5. Launch the site and start selling. 

Again this is a brief version of what it means from buying a shopify plan to start selling it. There are numerous little steps involved in between. 

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Email me if you are confused on any step while building your brand new store in Shopify. 

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