What Happened To Bulk Editor? bulk edit SKUs gone?

What Happened To Bulk Editor? bulk edit SKUs gone?

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What happened to shopify product editor?


Try to use bulk editor, but it changed a lot. Usually you can easily changed everything by bulk editor. Now the bulk edit SKUs function has gone.


Please help!


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+1 on this, the new variant editor when you get to a single product is awful.  We can't see SKUs or anything, and when you bulk edit, it only shows the first 10 variants.  What's the deal here?  We can't even edit the inventory quantity unless we're in bulk editor..

Some of our products have 30+ variants.  How can we bulk edit all variants, or better yet, how can this change be reverted?

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Can't see SKUs or anything. Only shows the first 10 variants. We think the product editor went backward 😞

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If you select all your variants there's a Bulk edit button that appears:Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 9.50.05 AM.png


If you click on that you'll see the Shopify bulk editor with the SKU column visible, is this what you were looking for?

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 9.51.17 AM.png






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Agreed, I wish there were a way to change it back. You can select them and go into the bulk editor, but it's an extra click, change in workflow that is time consuming. The bulk editor is always buggy for me too, I can't just quickly edit parts of SKUs as my SKUs follow the same format and just require a number change each time. Tried to find a way to automate editing via flows but not really clued up enough to tell if it's possible.