What happened to the commercial invoice option?

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Hi Everyone, 


I ship to international customers and most of the time, the shipment will require a simple commercial invoice so it is reviewed and released in customs clearance. Shopify no longer has an option to generate a simple commercial invoice. Will this be reinstated into the platform? This is quite frustrating and I think the only way to do this is to use an app like Shippo to do the shipping since they do generate a commercial invoice. I can see this being bad for Shopify since they will loose out on any shipping fees generated since we will be using Shippo for the fact that in has an option to generate a commercial invoice. Anyone else struggling with this? I feel like Shopify keeps complicating things and forcing us to use apps instead of simplifying the user experience for their clients. 

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Hey @CorsaGarage,


I understand your frustration caused by the inability to generate commercial invoices directly in your Shopify admin. A possible solution for you is Sufio: Professional Invoices. Sufio not only understands the requirements of commercial invoices but also allows you to set up a custom workflow, which will ensure that Sufio only creates documents for orders that need them. This can help you reduce costs associated with additional apps and subscriptions.


Hope that helps!