What is a multilingual, free rewards app alternative?

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Hi all, 


I tried Smile, Yotpo, and LoyaltyLion but they're too expensive and doesn't support other languages. Does anyone know the best alternative to those apps that is as good, free, and support multiple languages? 



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Thanks for the recommendation @mc2259 !! Exactly what I was looking for


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@prawirapikanto I can't see @mc2259 reply, what did he say? Did you find an app that solves the multilingual?


Thank you!

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Hi @davdramos
If you’re seeking a loyalty app that is both user-friendly and supports multiple languages, BON Loyalty is your solution. We offer auto-translation for 10 languages and can showcase over 250 languages simultaneously for our loyalty widget and automated emails. The app also includes a 3-day free trial for merchants to fully explore its features.

Feel free to contact me if you have any further questions! I'm more than happy to help ^^

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