What is an franchise and how can I convert my 1 shopify store into many shopify stores

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I was deep into the program and functions file and learning about shopify while opening up a shop I believe a shopify store is like having online property and they are worth collateral for loans at banks because I also looked into selling and getting estimates on my online store,  

 What I want to do is clone my online store wich has almost 200 products I have designed in it and throw in about 100 professional quality advertisements for one solid deal on selling a clone of my online shopify store as a franchise 

I wonder if shopify can assist me maybe like a dealer and administrator of the sale and purchase operation after cloning my original store 


This would be a hefty package plus supply my online store franchise with updated and new products every week plus advertising for everything plus relief to intellectual property rights and culturing development of the so much as themes and appearance of each clone 

What would this actually be worth if I only charge royalties or some capital expense and deal predeveloped products and advertising to my franchisers 




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