Re: What is the best email and sms provider that is not expensive?

What is the best email and sms provider that is not expensive?

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I am using mailchimp but it is not working. All emails are sent directly to spam. I have to change it. I am using yotpo for SMS and reviews. What service/app would you recommend me? I don´t have a lot of money to spend on this. Klaviyo seems pricy and omnisend is ok. I am guessing that the email service of yotpo is not good enough. Any suggestions? I really want my emails to hit the inbox - if not i could use SMS instead and disregard email totally. What have you done? And what do you suggest. I am located in Norway so a lot of the sms providers are expensive. Yotpo is the cheapest one. 

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Hi @SA222 !


You can also try to use Shopify Email App which is totally free. You can also explore other email marketing apps such as, Automizely Email Marketing,SMS - Email, Popup, SMS, Marketing Tool All-in-OneSmartrMail Email Marketing SMS, and Privy ‑ Pop Ups, Email, & SMS. Here is the full list of email marketing applications that you can check and see what works best for you as well: Best Email marketing Apps For 2024

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