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What is the best solution: markets or multistore?

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We want to implement an e-commerce that sells internationally and we have thought that shopify markets is the solution for this. Some of the countries are Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Luxembourg, United States, Mexico, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States. For each one we would create a market. We could also add that we could have a shopify plus subscription (in case multi-store is needed).


From this project, questions have arisen as to how the implementation should be done:

- Is it possible with a single store to create a "master" website containing the main template and, for each market, modify the content that will be on the web? For example, I want a section to be visible only in Spain.
- Is it possible to restrict the permissions of a user who manages the products so that he/she can only modify the products of his/her country? The products are unique in the sense that they have the same SKU for all countries, but the content, price and promotions are different for each country.

-We have also read that Markets is not available for all countries (payment or something like that). For the list of countries I have provided, would there be a problem or would you have to make different stores?

- In our case, is it better to do the implementation with different Stores or with Shopify Markets?


Thanks in advance.

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It is possible, but there is no out of the box tool that does this, you will need a skilled developer to set this up for you. Otherwise you will have to set up a different store for each market.

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