What is the most effective method for shipping original artwork?

What is the most effective method for shipping original artwork?

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Website: newdawnart.com
Payments Accepted: PayPal Only
Product: Original Paintings, one of a kind


I am new to Shopify. I have my entire store completed and now face the final step... shipping. I wanted to ask the community for advice. Perhaps someone else is selling a similar product and has already researched this.

My artwork is original so there is only one of each items and I am only using PayPal as payment. I know that limits my shipping options. Based on this information, how do you recommend I approach shipping my artwork. Once someone places an order, I will need to securely box up the painting and drive to one of the carriers for shipment. These paintings have to be wrapped very carefully to avoid damage during shipment. The box and wrapping can get expensive if I don't do it myself so I plan to do it all. Some of the painting are big which also drives up the cost of shipping.


  1. Is there a specific carrier you would recommend that works best with canvases?
  2. I have 11 different canvas sizes. Would it be best to have a flat rate for all?
  3. I believe I am not able to use the automatic shipping calculation feature since I am not using a Shopify checkout, do I understand this correctly?
  4. Do you have any other information that might lead me in the right direction in regards to shipping?

I appreciate the community's help with this and look forward to any and all input or advice.



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