What is the top app for custom landing page creation?

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I'm looking for recommendations on which app is the best for building custom landing pages?



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Hi @ChelseaI 


Hope you are doing well.


There are many apps available on the app store to build custom pages. Few of them are being used by thousands of merchants.


1. Shogun landing page builder - Free plan available

2. PageFly landing page builder - Free plan available

3. Automizely page builder - Free to install


You can try these apps to build awesome custom pages. 


Hope this helps. 🙂



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Hi @ChelseaI 


It's PageFly - Free Landing Page Builder here. Hope you are doing well.


We'd love to invite you to experience our page builder app - which allows you to design and customize landing pages and also any other type of pages easily.


PageFly is currently #1 Shopify Advanced Page Builder App. We offer free plan for new users with no trial end date, no limit to features/functions. Moreover, we provide 24/7 live-chat support for every user to help you build high-converting pages, solve technical issues in a blink.


We're looking forward to seeing you in PageFly soon


P/s: And thank you @ReturnPrime for mentioning us. 


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You can consider Shogun Landing Page Builder app. Its in-built Page Builder provides a robust drag-and-drop page designer with 24+ elements, and tools for A/B testing and measuring performance. It is the advanced set of instruments for the creation of custom homepage, product pages, landing pages and more.

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Hi Chelseal!


We recently did a little study on the top 100 Shopify stores and which apps they use to effectively manage their site and boost business growth. 


In store design category, the main app used for landing pages was Shogun Landing Page Builder that has already been mentioned here a couple of times as well, so it's definitely worth checking it out. And besides landing pages, the most common apps to enhance store design seem to be Smart Search & Instant Search (search bar) and Filter Menu (navigation).