What's the best app for selling digital downloads on Shopify?

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I'm new to shopify and looking to sell a digital product in the form of an e-Book.


I've looked on the shopify app and there is a lot of different products.


One is Sky Pilot which has an average of 5 star reviews and 174 reviews.


Has anybody used this one specifically and what do you think?


Alternatively, would you recommend a shopify digital downloads app?

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Hello @SimonWitney , there are a lot of apps. If you're just getting started then I recommend using Shopify's own app Digital Downloads which is Free to use and a simple and easy setup. Don't worry about the ratings, they could be due to past experience with the app. But, now it's much improved in my opinion.


Feel free to ask, if you need any further assistance while implementing the app.


Download link: https://apps.shopify.com/digital-downloads






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I'm Alessandro, owner of Sky Pilot. If you have just one e-book, probably our app suits you best because you can use the free version, and you will have a streamlined experience and a great support team always willing to help. You will be able to choose between downloadable e-book or streamed, directly on your website (or both!).

If you ever want more features, you can always upgrade to paid plans and enjoy stamping, streaming, integrations, etcetc. 

If you want, I'd be happy to jump on a quick call (for free) to show you around and understand better your needs. Just install the app (it's free), reach out to support and I will personally jump on a call with you, at your most convenient time 🙂


Let me know!




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Hi @SimonWitney , I'm Sasank, co-founder of Wire. 

You might want to check Wire - https://apps.shopify.com/wire for your digital products.

We offer a comprehensive set of features for a branded product delivery experience and easy product management for you with mail and chat support.

We offer a 14-day trial for new merchants. I'm happy to connect and set things up for you.




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Hi @SimonWitney ,


While I personally don’t have experience with Sky Pilot app you mentioned,  I would be delighted to provide you with some recommendations in this regard.

We offer a selection of app integrations that can greatly benefit your business, and I suggest exploring and testing them to determine which one aligns best with your specific requirements. These integrations function by enabling your customers to swiftly download their files after making a purchase and receiving an email containing a download link.


The apps that offer this are:

  1. Digital Downloads: Shopify provides a free app that presents a straightforward solution for selling digital products on your store. With this app, customers can effortlessly download their purchased files instantly and receive a convenient email link for access.
  2. SendOwl: SendOwl offers a range of features and automation tools that can enhance your product offerings. With capabilities such as expiring links and auto-generated licence keys, SendOwl empowers you to effectively manage and deliver your products.
  3. FetchApp: FetchApp has fewer features than SendOwl, but offers a free plan available (5MB of storage) and gives you the ability to attach multiple files to a single product.

You can browse or App Store here for more related apps. Consider taking advantage of the trial periods to play around and test the individuals apps and see which one suits you best.

How has your experience been with the platform thus far? Have you encountered any situations where you could benefit from assistance or guidance? Let me know! Additionally, I recommend exploring this informative blog that provides valuable insights for getting started with selling digital assets.

Iris | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi Iris,

I am jumping onto this thread because it fits my question, so I don't have to start a new one.

I set up my Shopify in September 2023 and selling digital products only. So from day one I used the Shopify own Digital Downloads app and was quite happy with it until last week.

Last week I suddenly received emails from customers that they are not able to download their products a second or third time, after they had PC issues and lost their files.

My settings are 'unlimited downloads' in each of my products. Despite that my customers (and I in my test account) can only download each product ONCE. 

I contacted the Shopify support but so far they were not able to find any issues - so they say - and think there must be something wrong 'on my side'. Well ... I don't have much options to change settings. And why should I? 

I also have those issues, when I set the download to say max 10x per customer. I still can only download the item once. There are no other options for me to change or set. 

I checked the downloads in different browsers too. I usually use Google Chrome, but the same issues appear in Edge and Firefox. So it is NOT a browser setting either.

Would you be able to point me in the right direct as why my customers are not able to download there purchased files from the order list in their customer account more than once? 

I am using the classic customer accounts (and I am not going to change that, as I don't like the features for the new accounts). The classic customer account hasn't got much options for the customer itself to edit their account either. Lets say they want to change their password inside their customer account. How do they do that? It's not possible. 

I would like to get someone onto it and helping me who is actually knowledgeable as I have the feeling that the customer service in Shopify itself is driven by boots or automated answers even when I 'speak to a person'. Phrases over phrases but no help really.

Thanks for helping me out here or directing me to someone within Shopify who is able to help here, as I believe this is an App issue, not a user error.