What should I do if Shopify marked the order as fraudulent?

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Hello Community💕,

Please take a look at my screenshots. It is from an order I just received, I would like to ask a few questions as I am new to Shopify. Could you help me determine whether the order is fraudulent or not?

  1. Why does fraud occur? What are scammers trying to achieve? If they make a payment and then request a refund, will I incur any losses besides having sent the products?

  2. Does Shopify recommend that I send an email to the buyer? If so, what should I include in the email to verify that the person is not a scammer?

  3. Are there any apps or strategies to prevent such fraudulent orders?

  4. Can I refuse to refund the money if the product has already arrived and they request a refund? How does the Shopify refund process work? Does it obligate me to issue a refund whenever someone requests it?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @successAR 

You can contact your customer and ask for confirmation before shipping out the item. You also can read this helpful article 


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I have read about this approach before I post my questions here, but I'm wondering if it will be effective if I change the 'Company Name' and 'Number Code' after a fraudulent order occurs. If I ask the customer to verify a 4-digit code now, will they be able to see and confirm it?


Thank you