What url do I use to go directly to an order in the shopify admin?

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What url can I use to go directly to a specific order? 

In the example below, I want a url that goes directly to order 60536, not a silly page showing just one result. That extra click is annoying. 

Thanks in advance.

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Jesse from the Shopify Guru Team here.

What exactly is the use case in this scenario? If you are searching for an order in the admin the quickest way to find it is by using the method above, searching the order number, and clicking on the order.

The order notification email sent to the merchant contains a direct link to the specific order page in the admin using the following variables: {{ shop.url }}/admin/orders/{{ id }} where id is "A system wide unique ID of the order for internal use. " as explained here: http://docs.shopify.com/manual/settings/notifications/email-variables#order-fulfillment

Feel free to reach out at any time if you have any other questions.



Jesse | Shopify 
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I have order 12345 (it's just an example). I want to go directly to order 12345, I don't want to go on the admin, type 12345, get a list of everything that matches 12345 and them click the order 12345. 

I want to put www.blabla.com/orders/whatever/12345 and see the contents of order 12345

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@JesseF8 Did we ever get a solid answer to the followup here? 


I use a shortcut app which allows me to attach a specific URL to a shortcut, where an order number can be pasted into a set URL as @leocrespo describes - I know the order exists, I know the number - I'd like to skip the step of searching the admin for the order and have a URL that I can plug the unique Order # (not Order ID) into and immediately pull up the order webpage. 

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I have a need to do exactly this... can you share the name of the shortcut app?

I'd be in your debt forever, because I have no way of repaying the favor.