What would be the best time to upsell?

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Hi, I would like to hear your opinion about when and where would be the best time to upsell/cross sell other products:

1. Product pages

2. Cart page

3. Cart page when clicking the Checkout button

4. Thank you page

5. Blog 

6. Custom page or homepage

Thank you so much for your help, any sharing would be much appreciated!

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I think a good place to offer an upsell deal is the cart page, you can show frequently bought together product or related items so customer can add to cart immediately, then direct them to the checkout page.

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The product page would be the best place to upsell/cross-sell. when visitors lands on the product page and if they like the product they will make up their mind in purchasing the product. This is the time where you will sell either a relevant product or complementary product to the customer, but then it also depends on you conversion goals if you are cross-selling after customer purchases a products or you want to increase average order value. 

You can checkout this app here Capital Upsell - Upsell Popups which gives you the ability to upsell/cross-sell on the product page with continues user journey.

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Hey @Erik_dunn,

I also believe that the shopping cart drawer or cart page is the best place to show upsell or cross-sell. 

Sagarika Das | iCart Team
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Hi @Erik_dunn 

I think this depends on how much time do people spend on your page. Blog or thank you page might not be that helpful as one is far from purchase and thank you page is post-purchase.

You can have it when people add items to the cart, spend X seconds, scroll x percentage, during checkout, etc using Engati. Here's one short video on how it'd work


Conversion triggersConversion triggers

Hope this is helpful

Reach out to me directly or visit Engati if you need more help :)
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  • Cross-sells are best on Product pages as Cross-selling is a strategy to push more products to the cart.
  • Upsell is a tool to add up extra items to those you already have in the cart. Products you upsell are basically the ones the customer wasn’t planning to buy initially thus a slight encouraging move might be needed. A discount or a free gift if the offer is accepted should do the trick.
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