whats the best way to improve sales and ROI

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I need help with improving ROI, i have profit, but its very minimal. Any tips, (besides the obvious ones)

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Hi Mecker-Ctrl 


If you have some ordered fulfilled, it means that you aggregated data. 
You should look through it and see if you can identify groups of customers by sorting your sales by specific segments (email + frequency for example)

This could help when preparing for your ads. You will be able to come up with targeted audiences and grow your ROI.


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Hi, if you are already making profit, then you are already doing good. now need to improve ROI, you have to check following things.

- Your AOV is good or not, or try to upsell or cross sell to improve AOV

- Check your CPA, if its high try to reduce your CPA
- Checking shipping cost and other relted cost how you can come down

these are the things you have to start work upon. let me know if you have any further questions related to it.

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