WhatsApp Messenger - unable to receive messages

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I few days back, I downloaded the Shopify mobile app for Android. Since then, I have been unable to receive messages on my WhatsApp. I think it is because of installing this app as it happens after installing it. Is anybody else facing is issue? What should I do to fix this problem?

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Hello Jack,

Check for Updates: * Ensure both your Shopify and WhatsApp apps are updated to the latest versions available on the Google Play Store. Sometimes, updating the apps can resolve compatibility issues.
Check App Permissions: * Go to your phone's settings. * Navigate to 'Apps' or 'Application Manager'. * Find the Shopify app and check its permissions. Ensure it doesn't have access to notifications or other permissions that might interfere with WhatsApp.
Clear Cache and Data
: * In your phone's settings, go to 'Apps' or 'Application Manager'. * Find both the Shopify and WhatsApp apps. * For each app, select 'Storage' and then 'Clear Cache'. If the problem persists, you can also try 'Clear Data', but be aware that this might reset the app's settings.
Reinstall Apps: * Uninstall the Shopify app first and check if WhatsApp starts working correctly. * If the issue persists, try uninstalling and then reinstalling WhatsApp. Remember to back up your WhatsApp chats before doing this.
Check for Other Potential Conflicts: * It's possible that other apps or settings on your phone might be causing the issue. Consider any other changes you made to your phone around the time the problem started.
Restart Your Phone: * Sometimes, simply restarting your device can resolve minor software glitches.
Contact Support: * If the issue continues, you can reach out to Shopify's support or community forums to see if others have faced similar issues and if there are any known solutions. * Additionally, consider contacting WhatsApp support, as they might have insights into potential conflicts with other apps.
Consider a Temporary Solution: * If you cannot resolve the issue immediately but need both apps, consider using one on a different device temporarily, if possible. Remember this, always back up important data before making significant changes or uninstalling apps. If the problem persists, exploring other potential causes unrelated to the Shopify app might be worth exploring.

Hope this will help you! 🙂