When should I stop boosting my top performing Instagram post?

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I recently launched and I boosted my top performing post. It’s been running for 9 days and I’ve doubled my followers and I’m really happy with how it’s performing (my goal is to increase followers and engagement at this point) as it’s bringing in my desired customers. 


I’m not educated enough to know when to stop the boosted post? Providing I have the capital to keep it going, should I keep running it?


If anyone can offer advice I’d be really grateful.


Thank you

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Its great to hear that your boosted post is performing well. I think you're at a place now when you have to ask yourself some questions. Do you want to continue to grow your followers and engagement? Or are you interested in starting to venture into targeting users for conversions (making purchases on your store). 

In short, think about where else your budget could be spent.

I hope that helps.

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