When will Shopify FIX its inadequate blogging?

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I itemized the 3 things wrong with the Shopify blogging capability in this thread,

which asked if there was an alternative to Shopify.


That was the wrong question, apparently. Someone suggested Wix, which
I rejected for reasons explained in the thread.


Nevertheless, some idiot marked the question as "SOLVED".


My questions then:
    1. How do I get that item marked as UNSOLVED?

    2. How do we get someone at Shopify to realize that, for us fledgling 
        startups, semi-decent blogging and social-media interactions are
        CRITICAL to get things off the ground?


Lack of that capability has forced me to blog at Medium--which is great,
but visitors to my site do NOT see my posts there, unless I manually 
create a page of teasers in my site.


Thanks in advance for any and all help or suggestions that people can give.

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