Where do I find the "additional details" of an order?

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I added a "how did you hear about us?" form to my checkout, and the Shopify tutorial says I can find customer's answers under additional details, but I don't see this anywhere on my orders? Where is the data captured?



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Hi @erika71690!

The Shopify admin is designed to display a special section for 'additional details' on the order details page if an order contains cart attribute data. When looking at an order in the Shopify admin, you can find the "Additional details" section right underneath the section for "Notes". See the following screenshot for an example:


Hopefully this helps!

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Hi there, I have set up 'how did you hear about us?' feedback (shopify had to help me set it up as I kept getting it wrong) but I don't have the additional details button on any of my orders. Can anyone tell me if there is another way of finding the customer feedback or how to get this info added to my orders?

Thanks, Amber

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This is not very hard to do, but it's on code.

"additional details" of an order are extra info added to the order on the cart page, to do that you need 2 simple things:

1) an input element where the visitors will fill in the additional information. their name should had this format name="attributes[your additional detail]".

2) set this input inside the cart form or give an id to the form like id="cart-form" and add this to the input form="cart-form" with that the input element will be related to the form.


<form id="cart-form">
  <!-- your cart page -->
    <label for="new-attribute" >New attribute</label>
    <input type="text" name="attributes[New attibute]" id="new-attribute" />
  <!-- more of your cart page -->



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What if I want to add "additional details" to the checkout page i.e. checkout.liquid. Please help me with the snippet.



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I already did it. You can use the example I write before.  I extend my response to be more clear.


1) Ad `id` to the cart form, this is very important if you like to use sections or have more flexibility where you add your additional details on the cart page.




<form action="/cart" id="here_form_id">




2) Use an input field, regular HTML input field, just use CSS to make it look pretty. The important parts are name and form.

- name: should respect the format "attributes[HERE YOU CAN CHANGE]" you can add many input fields as you need, just give them a different name using the previous format. the name you give inside the "[]" is the name you will see on the admin panel.

- form: add this to each input field, using the id you give to the form, this give you the flexibility to set the input fields on any place on the screen and not just inside the form.





<input type="text" name="attributes[New attibute]" form="here_form_id" />

<input type="number" name="attributes[numeric attibute]" form="here_form_id" />




You can even create a section to manage this on the customize panel.

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Hey Everyone,


I need a way to easily identify within the master order list on shopify which orders have additional details and which do not. Something as simple as the order note logo, a different colour or different icon would be perfect, any ideas? 

order note example.jpg

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If you have Shopify plus, you can use flows to send an email alert and / or pull the order details to google sheets automatically.


Without Shopify plus you need an app than simulates flows, or write an script than verify orders by api automatically.


you can’t play with the Shopify’s orders list directly.

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Really appreciate your reply. Quick follow up, is there a way to add a
product tag to any orders which contain "additional details?"
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yes, you can use Shopify flow or a similar app to set a task on order creation for add an order tag when it contains an specific additional detail

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And how to implement it for One Page Checkout - after the update to the Checkout extensions? I try to create a custom app with a custom field, then send value from there to the order.metafields but I need to populate Additional info instead of that. Could you help me?

  return (
      <BlockStack padding={["base", "none", "base", "none"]}>
        <Heading level={1}>Invoice</Heading>
        <Checkbox checked={checked} onChange={handleChange}>
          I'm buying as a company
        {checked && (
            label="VAT Number (starts with country code)"
            onChange={(value) => {
                type: "updateMetafield",
                namespace: metafieldNamespace,
                key: metafieldKey,
                valueType: "string",
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Hi, I used the snippet that you share and I can see the text fields in the card page but I dont receive any aditional information in the order. I dont see the "Additional Details" section in the orders.


The labels are in Spanish but is the same structure.