Where is the code for Shop Pay?

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Example: https://subversivecrossstitch.com/products/can-you-not-square-pillow-case-deluxe-kit

The Shop Pay info is in-between my "Sold Out" button and the "Notify When Available" button. I just want to move it down so that these two buttons are closer together.  I'm not sure where to find that in the theme sections.


To be clear, since I can't attach an image here, I want the order to be exactly like this:



Pay in 4 interest-free installments for orders over $50.00 with  Learn more
Shipping calculated at checkout.
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Hi @subversive 

Follow these Steps:

1) Go to Online Store
2) Edit Code
3) Find theme.liquid file
4) Add the following code just above tag </body>


form#addToCartForm-product-template {
    display: grid;
#addToCartForm-product-template .payment-buttons.payment-buttons--medium {
    order: 1;
#addToCartForm-product-template .hc-shop-pay--product-installments {
    order: 2;
#addToCartForm-product-template button#SI_trigger {
    order: 3;


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Didn't work. It just made the buttons longer, but the Shop text didn't move.