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This might be a dumb question and I might be missing something very basic. I am trying to see the emails that have been sent to my customers (like order placement, shipping confirmation etc). I was hoping to see an inbox/sent items type thing somewhere in the admin panel, but could not find anything. Can someone help me find where I can see the sent emails? Thanks!

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Thanks for taking the time to write this out and explain what happened with your Shipping Tracker app, @MarcusK. I can definitely see how much this incident had impacted your business and your customers. I’m glad that you were able to get in touch with the developers after reaching out to our support team. I also really appreciate all of the troubleshooting that you did on your own.

While we’re not able to help with what happened, what I can do is send your feedback to our developers to have a column in the Shopify admin to indicate the delivery status of each order. It definitely sounds like this would be beneficial for your store and I can see why it would be helpful. 

I will also pass along your feedback to our developers that this incident happened on your store. It’s definitely not something we would want to see happen again for you or for any of our merchants and we want to help you make sure that your business runs smoothly. If there are any updates, we will post about them in our changelog or announcements page.


To future viewers,

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to provide your feedback.

I have marked this reply as a solution so that you know we're collecting use cases for why this is important for your business.

Every unique piece of feedback is passed along to our developers so that they are aware of how important being able to read emails is to you and your business.

Please continue to add and express your thoughts here.

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Thank you,

Tira | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hey there, 

I'm Ann, from the team here at Shopify 🙂

That's not a dumb question at all! So the Shopify platform doesn't actually have a spot where you can review sent emails, but you can check the timeline of each order to see what emails have been sent to each customer, to do that check out the steps on this page in our Shopify manual. Additionally, you can review what each email will say by previewing the email's template. This page will show you how to do that! 

The reason we don't have this is because, for the most part, each email will be based on the template you have set up, with the only differences being people's order details, or their address, etc. 

I hope this helps! If you have any more questions or concerns feel free to reach out to us here 🙂 

Have a great one,

Ann | Social Care @ Shopify 
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It is a very good question, but an unsatisfactory answer.

It's pretty basic business practice to be able to review client communications. It is not good enough to "see the time line", especially since the time line is not up to date - it takes some time for the updates to appear.

Further more, the tempate is full of Shopify-ese. It's quite reasonable to want to see what is actually sent. And no, using the test feature doesn't cut it.

We need to see what is actually sent to real clients on our behalf.

And while I'm at it, I see people have asked to be CC'd of such emails without getting a proper reply from Shopify. Same need just expressed differently.

Kind regards,



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Until Shopify adds a "view email" button, this is the best solution:

Open the order admin page. 

On the right panel, click Edit next to Contact Information. Copy the user's email into a text doc for later, and type in your email address. Uncheck the box to "Update Customer Profile", and hit save. 

Now scroll down to the timeline instance, and hit resend. In the confirmation popup, you should see your email listed and not the customers. Hit send.

Grab the email address that you saved earlier from that text file, and change the customer email back to the proper one.

I haven't tested whether this is a true resend or a regeneration of the template, so I'm not sure if changes to your template between the original email and the resend will change the resend. If you test that out, do report back!  

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The answer should be, "Sorry, all of us here at Shopify have totally dropped the ball on this and we will start on fixing it today!"
To not be able to see the communication with "our" customers from Shopify on our behalf is insanely ridiculous.
FIX YOUR MISTAKE, Shopify!!!!!
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It is a pretty reasonable thing to have! And to me is something that's pretty bog-standard to have the ability to view correspondence with the customer, strangely IT doesn't always work the way you want it to, so it would be nice to see what customer's actually receive to ensure continuity and quality control. It is a bit of a CRM type issue, but something that Shopify should have.

It does seem that sometimes that questions like these go into the "too hard" basket and then you never hear from Shopify people again, which is very disappointing, if their staff are going to engage with customers in the community forum they should be following up... Support 101! 

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Would be fantastic if we could also see when and if customers have opened their email correspondence - customers can often say "I never received the order confirmation" and it would be extremely beneficial to be able to look into whether they did receive and open it (which is often the case), which is something other email platforms such as Campaign Monitor etc tells us. 

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Thanks MonthlyBoxer_Fu


Your workaround suggestion worked for me.  I was worried when the timeline showed that my 3PL's app sent my customer a confirmation email (the timeline wasn't clear if the app simply triggered my Shopify template, or if it used something unknown to me).  Luckily I used your suggestion to check, and it apparently did use the desired Shopify template that I have set up.


I agree with everyone else that this feature should be standard.  I use Klaviyo too, and I can see the messages sent to customers in that, including open and click stats.

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I want to chime in and add my voice that this is an essential feature that I am missing from Shopify.  I am in the process or transitioning from another online retailer, and I was able to review any email sent to a customer anytime with the other retailer.  It seems very basic to be able to view emails sent to customers, especially if they dispute something that you sent to them.  Shopify, please pursue this feature!

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Totally agree - this is mandatory feature

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Is there a way that maybe we can bcc: all emails and notifications automatically to ourselves?

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This is a very important feature. For my other Company we sell Web Hosting services using WHMCS, and it has this feature we can see all the email communication which has been sent to the customer.


This feature would also help in case a customer says or claims something different from the email sent to him. I believe most billing/online software do have this feature.


I am also a developer and it should not be much work for Shopify team if they give the shop owners an option to add a BCC email ID w.r.t. any communication originating from the Shopify store.




Kirti Singh

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This feature is really important for my company. I need proof the email was sent and what the customer received. I hope you consider adding this feature in the next round of updates.



Fashionably Greek 

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I was shocked to find out, customer communication is not at the core of the order timeline.

I can't imagine a serious business being run that way. Aren't there any apps solving this problem?



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Shopify, this is a developer saying you can do this....bit of a shame that you're having issues? I can't find a message we sent to a customer last week...so how can i confirm what I have said to them? There really should be a ticketing type of system for each order...i mean, half the time i cannot keep track of what is happening and I am always having a go at my assistant for not updating the order in shopify, because whilst she knows what is going on in the ticketing system we set up for her, I don't know what's going on (have to log into administrator account etc to access this ticketing system, and I don't have time for these things), so she has to remember to double up and put the info in both ticketing and also shopify order. I honestly did not even think of another way until I saw this thread, as I cannot find a message i sent to the customer last week, to inform my assistant about it....so there is lack of communication at our end, which makes it hard for not only usm, but the customer also. It didn't even occur to me that this should definitely be a standard feature in shopify orders. 


We pay in USD for our AU store, so the cost is ridiculous and we should at the very least have so many more features than we do. I am sick of paying over $300AUD per month for my store to run with the minimum amount of apps. It would not bother me so much if we got what other platforms we're supplying, but Shopify are just so greedy.

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Agreed, I continue to find this lacking feature a huge obstacle to serving
my customers well.
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This is the worst answer ever. Where is our solution?

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UPVOTE.  This should be an easy fix….and this was over 2 Years ago……starting to think I'm paying too much money for the lack of features….

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Oh, you are, my friend, you are.

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Very clever!!! Work-around level: PRO.