Which app to get custom email template responses (canned responses) for orders to customers?

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I'm quite amazed this simple solution is yet not available nor in Shopify nor as an App that we could use. 

So for example I come from Etsy where you have the option to pre-populate a "mail to customer" text box with precanned responses based on a specific situation (shipping delay, customs issues, payment issues) not covered by the standard shopify email templates, so I was hoping to find a SOLUTION on how to have several precanned replies available to mail a specific customer about his/her issue when they're NOT using Shopify Inbox for example.

Having to use third party apps outside shopify or rely on "gmail" filters and such sounds ridiculous at this point when Shopify just announced their devotion to introduce AI to their systems...while this basic function is not yet available.

Wow. Just wow.




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