Which business can fetching money for me weekly

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Which business can be fetching money for me weekly

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Hi @Lawrence0522 !


There are a lot of high profit income products that are gaining popularity in Shopify. From phone accessories, print on demand apparels, and dropshipping. I highly suggest that you take a look at 5 Types of Products With High Profit Margins (2024) and 64 Small Business Ideas for Extra Income in 2024 blogs to have more insights and broader knowledge regarding these business and product ideas.

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If you're looking to earn money weekly, consider starting a freelance service, diving into affiliate marketing, or exploring dropshipping. Local service businesses like lawn care or house cleaning can also bring in regular income. Renting out property or selling digital products online are other avenues to explore. Blogging or vlogging can be lucrative with consistent effort. Choose a business that suits your skills and interests, put in the work, and these ideas have the potential to provide you with a steady weekly income stream.
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