Which Shopify plan best supports global shipping and multi-currency?

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Hello everyone,I'm in the process of choosing a Shopify plan and I have some specific needs for my online store. Here's a bit more detail on what I'm looking for:


1. Global Shipping Capabilities: I plan to sell my products to customers all around the world. Therefore, I need a plan that supports shipping to various countries. This means being able to handle different shipping rates, customs and duties information, and possibly even local carrier integrations. It's important for my business to reach a global audience without logistical barriers.


2. Regional Pricing Options: Since I'll be selling worldwide, it's crucial that I can set different prices for the same product in different regions. This could be due to various factors such as local market conditions, taxes, and currency exchange rates. I want the flexibility to adjust my pricing strategy based on the region to remain competitive and maximize my profits.


3. Multi-Currency Support: Closely related to regional pricing, I need my Shopify store to accept payments in multiple currencies. Customers should be able to see prices, make payments, and receive refunds in their local currency. This feature will enhance the shopping experience for my international customers and potentially increase my sales.



Thank you! 

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HI @SanketDalvi 

As per my understanding, your main question is related to sell in different market. As Shopify market cover all your requirements. 
As I understand the Shopify Advance plan for you as you can get 3 markets with plan and you can buy number of markets based on your requirements. Eventually you can plan for Shopify Plus. You can review more info here





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