Re: Which Shopify service / product do I need?

Which Shopify service / product do I need?

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I am working on a business plan, for which I would need a website and an app which would allow different vendors to add their accounts, products, set prices etc. Similar principle to what Deliveroo or Just Eat work on, but much smaller scale. Say up to 1000 vendors, with circa 5-20 products each.

The purchase would have to be handled via this website, but a notification sent to a vendor so that they can send the product.

Can you please advise which Shopify product is best for this? I am trying to understand the costs involved in setting this up and then monthly upkeep.


Thank you

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Hi @Pietrach ,


you can use multi vendor platform for your requirement.



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Hey, @Pietrach you can also try Shipturtle Marketplace Creator


With it, you can automatically create separate dashboards so that every vendor can manage order fulfillment, and shipment on their end directly! Alternatively, if your vendor already has a website, you can sync it directly on your platform too.