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Which Theme should I choose???

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Hi there,

I started working on my site in Debut theme couple weeks ago. Right now the site is not ready at all, but I found out I need more options than the Debut theme can offer, although it is a great theme with most options that suit for me. I looked through the list of themes for Shopify, but somehow each theme seems to be missing something I need. I don´t really mind spending money for a theme that will suit me well. Lower I tried to put together main options I need (some of them are in Debut and some not), so if anyone can help me out, which theme should I go for, I would be really happy. If there is a theme which does not include all the options, I am fine with coding with a little help to achieve that:

GLOBAL: Responsive design for all platforms, Sticky or floating header, No quick view, Back to Top arrow, Text using special czech letters such as ěščřž to display correctly on all browsers (right now in Edge an IE11 these letters don´t display correctly), Dropdown menu navigation, Turn off Cart (I don´t need it at the moment), Countdown Sale ends in 5 days or 23 hours only.

COLLECTION PAGES: Search by Tag, Sort by options, Customisable labels such as New, Sale etc. in terms of text and color change (not necessary), Vendor display, Products per row option.

PRODUCT PAGES: No Enlarge or Zoom, Next/Prev slide picture Function,

Please note I would like some of these things to be part of a theme, not in form of an external app which mostly can not be optioned the way I need. I understand any theme can not have all options I need, so I am able to use some apps to accomplish that or do some coding with the help of the theme provider. So if the theme allows only SOME of these things and there is another way to achieve the others, I will be happy. The most importatn things for me are Sticky or floating header, Czech special letters displaying correctly and Next/Prev slide picture Function on Product Page.

Any help appreciated.

Thank you, Olda.


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you can use the this them called appyn to design and  for your website  and can get rid out of this problem.