Which theme will be best & most customisable & has a lot of tutorials on Youtube

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Which shopify theme will be best for vape store, which can be customized and has most tutorials on YouTube to learn. 
Our site is www.qualityvapes.ca

Unable to decide. Please suggest 




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Hi @SJA11,


For your Shopify store, I'd highly recommend considering the Dawn theme. It's currently one of the most popular themes on Shopify, which naturally means it's well-supported with a wealth of resources available. This popularity has led to a large number of tutorials on YouTube, making it easier for you to learn and customize the theme to fit your specific needs. The Dawn theme is known for its flexibility and user-friendly design, which should be a great asset as you build and grow your store.


Hope this helps in making your decision! 

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what will you rank 2nd & 3rd as dawn requires a lot of customization e.g even for making the menu typography bold you need to add code so want to save time, what do u suggest