White blank page on entire store!

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Please help!


I need help to fix my code please. I was trying to add a booking code to my liquid code and clearly it has not worked and now all I can see is a white blank page. When I "customise" my theme, all the information is still listed on the left however the preview is still white. 


Store URL: https://revivifyivtherapy.com/

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Hey Revivify ,


 Are you using a debutify theme? 


I have found the issue , a div is overlapping on all over the page. you can add the below css in your theme.scss.css file. 



  display: block;

  visibility: visible;

  opacity: 1;

  position: inherit;

  height: auto;


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Hello @Revivify 
We looked into the above url and it is asking for store password. 
Sharing the store collaborator access would assist our team in debugging and offering a solution. Your cooperation is appreciated in advance.

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