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Can someone please guide me/steps as to where do I go to create a password protected WHOLESALE page. I created a page but there is nothing referencing to add a password to it.  Any help is appreciated. I found that I had to go into templates but all I have in there is the picture.  Am I missing something here.


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Here are 2 options for wholesale:



Bundleup - bundle your products and unbundle your orders.
Channelup is a product data management solution helping Shopify stores automate their processes.
If you require custom development or would like to test out our features contact me at tom@channelup.io
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Thank you for your help.  At this point I will not be upgrading to Shopify Plus until I start generating sales.  Im not prepared to change my whole shop theme to accommodate a wholesale page for stores to place an order.  So I guess I will have to forgo for now and use Faire.  I do have another issue if you can help out.

I need to upload one of our sets which includes a top and bottoms.  Shopify only allows 100 variants for a single item though we have for this instance 180 for this one product which includes colour, top size and bottom size for each of the 5 colour ways.  Any suggestions on how to over come this so we can add this item to our shop.  May be add a text box for the customer to add in their colour preference then they can select the correct top and bottom size.  not sure if this can be done or not.