Wholesale + Quantity Break Discounts?

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We're looking to provide wholesale accounts with a % discount off of every order in addition to providing quantity break discounts for both retail and wholesale customers (same breaks for both).

Is this possible with any apps currently?

We installed "quantity breaks" (shopify app) and "wholesaler" (shopfrogs); however, now we're being told that they two apps can't work in tandem; and it's one or the other.

Has anyone been able to successfully offer wholesale discounts to wholesale clients while offering bulk discounts to both retail and wholesale clients?

Thanks in advance!


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It's a lot of work. Securing a site for wholesale customers is one challenge, and then securing your pricing is yet another. There are some holes with the existing Apps as you have seen. It is truly a challenge. From my experience hacking shops I would say it's possible. The risk as I see it is encountering the odd customer buying wholesale with price breaks where they buy the least for the cheapest price, and they are not wholesale customers.

I think with some experiments and tests, you'll strike a happy medium where most of your customers checkout correctly. You can always hire an expert to ensure you're safe. Custom Apps if you can afford it can offer more security and pricing peace of mind. 

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Thanks for the quick reply!