Why am I getting no traffic or sales as a new seller?

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I am a new seller. In the beginning I had 100 visitors per week, a little but still something. After a month absolutely no traffic. I am still on the free version for $1. Is this the reason? And for sale I will wait for a miracle 🙂

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Hello @Lis2,

You do not only have to create a website with the domain. The website traffic also depends on the kind of optimization you did on your website. Put alt tags in images, incorporate high search volume keywords, optimize your website according to search engine algorithms and etc. Apart from this, you also need to run some paid marketing campaigns to acquire the traffic. However, if the budget is low, we suggest to go for organic marketing only. Boost your SEO and do a bit of social media marketing to create awareness of your brand. Here is the Shopify article given below: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/promoting-marketing/seo

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Hi @Lis2, sorry to hear you're having trouble. One way to drive organic traffic to your store is to create some blog posts people can discover through search engines.


You can either write these yourself, or use an app like Bulk SEO Blog Posts to generate some posts in seconds. The free plan includes 3 blog posts per month for you to try it out.




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Hello @Lis2 ,


While great advice has been shared in other comments, it's important to note that being on a $1 version isn't necessarily the reason for the decline in traffic to your store. There are likely multiple factors at play, and without looking at your store, it's hard to say.


Rather than waiting for a miracle, create your own. Consider exploring Searchanise Upsell & Marketing for a range of features designed to engage and convert prospects into customers.


Best regards,



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