Why am I not getting sales on my ecommerce store?

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I built my shopify  store lasy year and not getting the sales i hoped i would

My Etsy store was my main income store until a week ago when Etsy suspended my store for not selling handmade goods. Do decided to try and get my website pulling in traffic.

I have 1500 sales on Etsy so disappointed that i have lost sales.

Can you tell me what i need to do to get traffic leading to sales.

I have paid so called expects to work on my site and i have seen no improvement.



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Hello, are you into ads campaign, if not you have to start running ads to get more visibility and more visitors to your store, but if you are currently running ads and yet not seeing the desire results, you have to retarget your audience from this you will start making sales in your store 


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Hi @kidslovetorock ,


Transitioning from Etsy to your own store can raise questions about credibility and trust among your customers. People trust Etsy but might not trust your store. Here are a few steps you can take to rebuild trust:


  1. Leverage Past Reviews: If possible, retrieve past reviews from your Etsy account and upload them to your new store. Customer reviews are powerful social proof that can reassure new visitors about the quality and reliability of your products.

  2. Communicate with Past Customers: If you have access to email addresses of your past customers from Etsy, consider reaching out to them. Inform them about your move to a new website and assure them that your commitment to quality and service remains unchanged.

Regarding traffic generation strategies, here are some common approaches to consider:


  1. Experiment with Targeted Ads: Try experimenting with targeted ads to reach potential customers more effectively.

  2. Try other platforms: Consider running ads on Instagram or TikTok. Also, try to promote your products in thematic groups on Facebook, or niche forums.

  3. Seek Feedback from Your Target Audience: Show your website to someone from your target audience and gather feedback on any aspects that might deter them from making a purchase.

  4. Utilize Session Replay or User Testing: Set up an online service that supports session replay to observe customer interactions in real-time. Alternatively, consider hiring individuals to visit your store and provide feedback on their actions.

  5. Consider Installing an All-in-One Marketing App: Explore installing an all-in-one marketing app like Searchanise Upsell & Marketing. This app offers various marketing features designed to engage prospects and convert them into customers effectively.


Hope it helps.


Best regards,



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hey @kidslovetorock , would you share your store page, so I can have a look?