Why am I not making any sales after 1 month of dropshipping?

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Hello everyone, it's been 1 month since I started dropshipping with Shopify and until now I still have no sales despite the visits

I invested everything I could but still nothing

I'm desperate, I need help 

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I would share your url so people can give you feedback on your site.


It's probably 1 of these:

- The traffic coming to your site is not good traffic, for example not people that are ready to buy your product

- Your site is not trustworthy, or lacks branding, about page, professional design, etc

- Your products are not unique or different, or there is no mission behind the brand


I used to run a store, and consulted on various stores, here's a guide I made for questions like this: How to Figure Out Why You're Not Getting Sales on Shopify


If you experiment with various marketing channels and products, and build a cool brand, people will buy your products.


Good luck

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