Why are bounced email address still subscribed after more than a year of bouncing..?

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So as the title really.


I have the same email addresses bouncing from my email marketing campaigns for over a year now, why are they not automatically removed..? 


Also, why on earth do I have to unsubscribe them all manually, that just seems backwards! Shopify will let me create a segment of all bounced email address from a campaign but what use is that if I cannot do anything with that segment..? There should be an option to 'unsubscribe all' for the current segment.


Does anyone know of an easier why other than manually doing this..? I have around 5.5k subscribers and about 80 bounces. According to the Shopify help pages bounced email are supposed to be 'supressed' however, in my experience they get emailed every time I send out an email campaign. 

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