Why are my conversion rates low despite high traffic?

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Ok my store is called https://goalgallery.store/ i spent about 200 on tiktok spark ads and everything goes quite well, i have about 3000 visitors today while 160 are spent, 177 add to cart, 37 checkouts but only 8 sales, (0.29% conversion rate), why is that?, can someone tell me whats wrong?.

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Your website itself is beautiful. If I liked sports I would definitely be interested.

Here's a couple of thoughts:

  • Ensure you're optimizing for conversions on your ad platforms; otherwise, your visitors' intent-to-buy may be lower.
  • Verify that your checkout is functioning correctly.

While your product photos are impressive, adding emotion-evoking descriptions could elevate the appeal of your products.


If you're interested, I recently launched my free Shopify app, Crowly. It allows you to swiftly generate and optimize your products' pricing and descriptions.

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