Why are my France visit numbers showing as zero on my analytics?

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Hello team,


I have a bug for my tracking from France on my shop.

the numbers of visits from France is almost 0, and it’s impossible because 90% of my customers are French. I think something has been erased it in the code…


by the way, numbers of global daily visits from the Shopify analytics is very low compare to google analytics. 


could you help me solving this issue ?


thanks a lot,

shop : https://unbonmaillot.com

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Hi, @Lebonmaillot !


Your Shopify and Google Analytics may not match due to differences in tracking methods. To resolve these issues, ensure consistent time zone settings, select a appropriate attribution model, add GAnalytics tracking code to your Shopify store and educate customers about allowing cookies and JavaScript.


Let me know if you have any questions.

Ignas | Website Developer
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Thanks for your answer @ignelis_ 

time zone is already ok.

I don’t know why but from day to another one, data completely disappear (regarding the French tracking) 

i did not install something special on my theme, 


So I assume that JavaScript and GAnalytics did not change by themselves the Shopify’s datas 😅

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I have the same issue here. Visitors and page view tracking aren't functioning properly and it isn't a timezone issue. Is there a better solution to fix the problem apart from checking the settings?