Why are product page updates complicating UI instead of improving it?

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Hey, maybe you guys could quit updating the User side of things so we don't have to hit three times as many buttons to get information that used to be instantly available when anyone would go to a product page.  Hiding all the variants, making us have to click an extra button to select all variants just to Bulk Edit?  Seriously, who do you think these changes are helping?  I don't know anybody who likes them and they do nothing for our customer's experience.  As far as I can tell, you're just trying to make the work side of the site prettier, and I don't know why this matters to you.  People who use Shopify to sell products don't care if the product page looks "prettier" we need information and we don't need to click on an endless stream of buttons to get the answers that used to just be readily available when you open a product. 


I say this every time I have to talk to your people, Please fire your UI/UX team if they cannot actually improve the site for OUR customers.   

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Seriously! These updates are insane! They slow us WAY down at the register. Now that I cannot 'save a cart' and have to press 3x the buttons just to add something to the cart - and the app has slowed WAY down as its searching for products. It's totally ridiculous that every update results in decreased functionality.