Why are sales slow despite high traffic on my e-commerce site?

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Good day shopify "sperts" 


I keep getting told via e mail from 100's of so called shopify experts that my site has issues with typical comments like this " I noticed some key features missing in your store that could impact sales"


This is one among 100's that I have received, my store was transferred from my own website that I was struggling to find anyone to set up e commerce on there for me.


I always had good sales on my own site and transferred all traffic to shopify rather than my own website, I never had any so called experts messaging me when I was on there but always had good sales.


So sales on Shopify have been extremely slow and struggle with traffic from day to day. 


I still have my own customer base that come direct to me but I was hopefully trying to drum up new customers on Shopify. However, the investment that is going in to Shopify really isn't making any return and I am now looking to change back to my own website or select another e commerce provider.


The bombardment of so called shopify experts is really getting me down to an extent that I'm ready to chuck it all in and forget e commerce totally.


I appreciate it takes time but things aren't moving and I'm getting no younger to deal with the mind blowing issue I keep getting told about.


Any help would be appreciated, link to my shop pages below.




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Most of those emails are generic bot generated emails - not specifically targeting you. I recommend you ignore them. 

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Thank you for your reply, however Shopify is as bad as I get e mails regularly from Shopify saying exactly the same thing. Even sending links to shopify rated experts.


I understand that there are "bots" but there tactic is difficult to differentiate between people touting for business and actual customers.


I have had numerous e mails asking for more information on a specific product, do I ship to a specific country, I'm after a commission made products like yours on your site. 


This is only a few of what I get from time to time, to say they are out of order doing that is an understatement. 


It is getting to a point that my grandson is taking over the discussions now and he is sorting the wheat out from the chaff. 


I understand other need to make money but I am getting to a point of cancelling my subscription and leaving Shopify because of this and the ongoing costs as it's difficult to understand who is a customer and who is not.


Thanks again for your reply.