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Why aren't my Google Shopping products appearing in organic search results?

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Hello Folks,

I just started with a Google Shopping product feed, I can get the products listed and approved without any errors but they only show via the dedicated shopping link/results and not naturally next to or above the 1st page organic search results.

The campaign has been running about a week, is it just a waiting game for them to show on the main results or is there something I've overlooked?

Hope this makes sense. Any help is appreciated as Google support is useless.



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I'm not sure how Google Shopping should help with your request.

What you looking for is Product Structure Data.

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Hi Will,

The data on the paid traffic/ads side (product feeds, reviews feeds) are separate than on the organic side (page content, structured data).

The only crossover is that Merchant Center (paid side) will check your landing pages (organic side) to make sure they are legit and match the data from the data feed. One part of that matching is checking the structured data for the product price, availability, url, and product identifiers (sku, mpn, gtin).

Adding structured data in general does not change rankings, for better or worse. It's more about improving how your existing search results appear by getting search enhancements that help your visibility, which can lead to more traffic and conversions.

I have a couple of articles that dig into this if you're curious.

How to increase search traffic to your Shopify store using the rankings you already have

How much Rich Results will enhance your search results

It could be that your theme is missing data needed to qualify for Rich Results. If you share your link or email me at, I'd be happy to do a free structured data audit to see if JSON-LD for SEO could help you.

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A week is too short to make any significant decisions. A single change you make in Google Ads, or the data feed information, can have a lasting effect of up to 2 to 3 weeks.

You should instead of checking your ads visually, which does not allow you to have any valid nor accurate data, due to 1 search query having thousands of possible results. And every user will see different results. Is instead to use Google Ads data, ie impressions, clicks, etc. to determine your performance.

If you want to focus on having your ads always at the top, use the metric absolute top. The higher you bid, the higher your absolute top percentage will be. Also make sure to improve the quality of your data feed by following the requirements and recommendations:

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Thank you all for taking the time to reply, all very solid & helpful information, appreciated.