Why can i not find a way to contact support by phone?

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Sometime maybe good sometimes maybe shit. 


Used shitify years ago, could contact by phone without needing an account.


Trialing a £300 theme and the trial. Cant seem to be able to contact them to get help with a deal breaker question.


Has it just turned to trash like most companies now that just suck money or am i just looking in the wrong place, do i need to purchase a plan first maybe? which is kind of dumb because you would want a full 14 day trial of all features, including support.


Someone help:) holding me up on my venture..

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You can contact Shoify by going under their get help  

you can get a response  by contacting them under your myshopify account  


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No, you can’t. Support just emailed me back too with instructions on how to request a call back. I do said steps and I just get email or community. Has shopify really turned to shit after all these years, I’m so upset, I had massive plans. this is shocking 🥹🥹🥹🥹