Why can't I completely clear items from my Sofine theme minicart?

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I am using the Sofine theme and I cannot completely remove the items from the minicart.  I can go down in quantity, but not to zero.   Product page link is here.  


I have reached out to the theme developer, but have not received a response.  I can navigate Liquid, but I am not comfortable debugging it.  I wanted to see if this community had any insights.


Is there a particular liquid file I can post here?  

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Hello @bdouble 


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Did you checked is there no Remove button available ? Because for this JS needs to be changed, I think no code for remove is done. 

So I would recommend you to seek help of a developer at reasonable cost to make the edit for you.


Let me know if I can help you in anyways.



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Thank you so much! I didn't think to show the remove button via CSS.  Very smart.  Much appreciated.