Why can't I publish my Facebook shop? I believe I comply with the Commerce Eligibility Requirements.

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How are you guys? Good afternoon I’m having a bit of an issue trying to sell on  Facebook. Not sure what I’m doing wrong but my account page got restricted because it does not follow the commerce requirements in which I know I do qualify for. I tried to appeal, but I still get an email saying I don’t comply with commerce eligibility requirements. This has been going on for two weeks straight. I try verifying myself with no avail. The customer support in Facebook is very poor ,  I just get put with an AI and gives me the runaround.  not sure what I should do from here. It’s very frustrating. The fact that I want to pay Facebook for the ad’s campaign and I get treated like this is remarkable.  Anyone experienced this before or has a solution for this ?  Thank you and cheersIMG_0923.jpeg

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Make sure it does not have watermarks. What ever product your selling doesn't seem right from what you put for your store, it some times see it ass fraud or scam so you can check those two things and go from there.