Why can't I sell loose gemstones on my ecommerce store?

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Hi,  I'm Barbi of barbisworld.com been using shopify off and on for many years.  This store about 6 mos.  Couple weeks ago i got a email from "T" at legal for shopify. After they shut my payment portal down.  He said "due to there ability to not loose value," We do not allow selling of suck items on shopify. also apple pay was included in the shut down.  The items I was selling? Rubies, Diamonds and gemstones of all types. Loose gemstones. they said if i wanted to continue to use shopify payments i would have to remove the catagory "loose Gemestones".

I sell jewelry and watches. vintage, antique as well as designer apparel etc.  I have many stones.

My question is.  Why not?  Shop app has dozens of other shops selling raw, uncut and jeweled loose stones of every kind? as well as the "Unbridealed" dropshipping app in shopify app store. I asked google "What am i missing?"  Can i sell gemstones on Shopify? answer.  YES.

Due to the shut down and legal not responding to over 50 emails.  I started loosing sales channels.

My microsoft channal has suspended my account for "egregious violations".  Appeal denied flat.

What the heck?

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