Why can't I shut down my online store despite no sales?

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Hello, i can't close my shopify store, even if i didn't sale anything. invoice: payment failed, insufficient funds. 

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Hey there, @martinmilosavlj 


Bo here from Shopify Support! 


I am sorry to hear that you are closing your account. If you have any feedback for us or would like any assistance that would make your time at Shopify better, please do let me know! 


It sounds as though you have an outstanding invoice that is attached to your account. Therein, your January invoice has been unpaid and so you are unable to close your account. You can check out your billing information from Settings > Billing. Your most recent invoice should appear there. For help in better understanding your bill please read this guide.


There are two options for you here:

1) You can pay the outstanding amount and then close your store as per this guide. Once your store is closed you can contact support either through the Help Center, on Facebook Messenger, Twitter, or get back to me here on this thread so that I can then move this conversation to email and authenticate you as the owner of the account. Shopify Support will then look into getting you a refund on the subscription amount that you paid. 


2) You can leave the amount unpaid and your account will be frozen after our last billing attempt. If you missed a payment or if a payment fails three times, then your store will be frozen until you settle your bill with Shopify. Your store does not freeze until your bill's due date. If your store is frozen, then you can't access your admin and customers can't view your store.

Shopify bills in the UTC time zone. If payment fails on the third and final attempt, then the store is automatically frozen at 12:00 am UTC on the date that the bill is due. If your local time zone is behind UTC time, such as in North America, then your store seems to freeze a day earlier. 

If your store has been frozen we will no longer try and charge you, you will no longer have access to the admin and your storefront will not be shown any longer. It is effectively closed. If at any point you want to unfreeze your account you can do so by logging in and paying the outstanding balance. 


Let me know how this goes and if there is anything else I can assist you with, I'm happy to help!


All the Best,


To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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hi, I want to close my store, Shopify wants me to pay 32$ when Most of my CX didn't pay because there is no way to pay using a visa or card because I'm not in the USA I can't use Shopify payment and the 3 mother end and now the bill comes I don't want to pay it I Don't want to Use this store ever again do I have to pay? I don't want it 

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looks like we'll have to pay 32 euros just to close the shop

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Same issue. Except I have been waiting for the third attempt to stop trying to charge me. It is now and attempt 7 and can’t pay overdraft untill it stop. What the heck. Seriously 

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Hey, @Austinbork!


Thanks for joining this thread! As mentioned by Bo above, you cannot deactivate the store until the outstanding balance is paid. Once it has been paid, then you'll have the option to deactivate your store by following the steps outlined here. 


If you missed paying your Shopify subscription bill or if a payment fails multiple times, then your store is frozen until you settle your bill with Shopify. You can learn more here at the link.



Maz | Social Care @ Shopify 
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