Why can't we have multiple automatic discount options on Shopify?

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With the new Discounts update (Summer 2022) I finally thought Shopify will do a proper update around the Discounts. To my disappointment, it still enforces one automatic activation over the same period.


Why is Shopify still restricting us from this? Yes, we have "multiple discount code options" which are very welcomed, but why can't we also have "multiple automatic options over the same period"?

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Automatic discounts require the customer to manually add the items they are getting for a discount or FREE.  We expected the Buy X get Y discount to also be able to automatically add the items to the customers cart, but that is not the case. Our mistake.

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I'd love to see multiple automatic discounts available in the same period. We're currently forced to use a script to apply one bundle discount on a product line, while using the automatic discounts for another. Since the discounts are applied at the product level, not the cart level, it seems like a no brainer to allow multiple product discounts to be applied over the same period.