Why did my payout fail after 120 days on hold with Shopify?

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my name is Matthew Mariano and i have been a Shopify owner for more than a year now... i have run over 40 successful stores at once, but then one day i get a email from the risk operations team saying my payouts will be on hold for 120 days (over $40k of funds) i was really unhappy with this so i decided to send a email to Karl Byrnes (Head of risk operations) He did not respond but instead he blocked me and he got the head advisor Drake to Bearer me from the platform, i was unable to create new stores or even log into previous stores to check my sales or any other information. My last option was to just move to a different platform like i did and just wait for the 120 release to end so i can get my funds. 120 days past and i received an email saying that my payouts failed and if i did not retry the payout my funds would be frozen even longer. I found out today (august 4th 2021) about the review, and it wasn't easy to get that answer either (had to call multiple times and leave multiple emails) that they apparently put my account under review on July 26th 2021 so that’s why when the payout was attempted to be released on Aug 3rd 2021 it did not go through. I am very angry and disappointed with Shopify because now i don't know what to do and i don't know if i will ever recover the funds that Shopify promised to give me. Looking to hear back from you with a solution… screenshots of chats are shown in the images down below of the situation I have been dealing with… also my contact email is matthewsam256@yahoo.com








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I sure hope I do not have this issue when my 120 days run out. I have had nothing but issues with Shopify on my new store and the holds they have placed. The other stores I have ran never had an issue. I had contacted support many times about it in hopes that someone will help with a solution but no luck... Looks like it may be time for a lawyer to get involved.  I too have gone to another platform and transferring everything over for every store I currently run on Shopify. Good luck!


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have you received your money again? please answer me