Re: What happened to Bulk Editor????

Why did the bulk editor feature disappear from my product inventory?

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Today I searched for products, selected all, and prepared to change inventory for all these products, and that field option is gone!  

Anyone know why this change is made?  This is a feature I use daily to track and change inventory. 


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Hi @Ann_Sandler,

Ted here from Shopify, thanks for posting your query! 

The Bulk Editor should still be in the same section but it might need to be reflected. If you log into your Shopify account and then click Products are you able to reselect those products and select inventory as shown in thie below screenshot? This Bulk Editing guide will also help. 


If this option does not appear, could you describe the inventory field you are looking for and also share a screenshot of your admin with me? Just so I can try to replicate the error. As well, what device and browser are you using? If you still can't see the inventory field, could you try using a clearing the cache on your browser as mentioned here and try again? 

Please let me know how this goes! 

Many thanks, 

Ted | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hello there.


I'm having the same problem that Ann_Sandler mentionned.  It started happening yesterday, apparently after Locations was "automatically enabled on all stores" (


Now, the problem with Ted's answer is that the option we are looking for is not even in the screenshot that's in your answer.  (The Inventory section had a "Inventory Quantity" field which is what're missing and looking for.)


Obviously, I can't make a screenshot myself because it's no longer within the "bulk editor" for some reason, but you can see the field in the youtube video (2:48 - 2:54) from the This Bulk Editing guide you (Ted) mentionned in your post.  (Inventory Quantity 3trd from left)


This option might have been overlooked by the Shopify team/people etc.  but it's the single most important feature of the bulk editor in my daily routine.  


Please give it back to us.


Thanks and have a nice day.




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I am having the same issue. Spent lots of time with support only to get no answers other than to clear my cache or try an incognito window. Both were useless solutions. 



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Weird, can you show me what it looks like on your end? I know they're making a lot of changes with the rollout of the new admin, so maybe it's a rolling update, but it's available for me:



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I am having a problem with the pick up points sincde this latest update

Improve inventory tracking with locations

I now cannot state you can pick up from two other locations as well as my shop, UNLESS I put physical stock on each locations - this is not possible as I only have one item of most items.

Tried contacting Shopify and was told that this is how it is now. 

Anyone else having this problem



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This is a disaster! The field to change inventory from the bulk editor was apparently removed with the lastest update. I don't understand why Shopify would do this! So, currently the only way to update inventory is individually via each product page or via the inventory page. However the inventory page hasn't been designed for bulk inventory changes, as it lists EVERY products SKU. Why would we need to see EVERY products SKU when we're probably only going to select a few products to change the inventory? I truly think this is a major oversight and hope Shopify add back the option to edit inventory in the bulk editor. 

I feel whoever made the decision to remove this option is not using the system to update bulk inventory on a daily basis. 

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GREAT NEWS... I can confirm it's back up and running and working on my site once more. I emailed Shopify and got the below reply. I actually didn't need to do anything that they suggested, as it was already working. So relieved.


Shopify Suport Reply...

Thank you so much for reaching out about this! We were experiencing an incident where this feature was removed as an option. However, our developers have been hard at work and a fix has been implemented. you should see this feature back up and functioning as expected if not already then very shortly here. You may need to clear your browsers cache and cookies in order to see the update. If you are finding that you are not seeing the update shortly, please try a cache and cookie clear. I have included a link below to show you how 🙂

Clear your cache and cookies on your browser. After this, completely reboot the browser.


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Ah, good to know! Shopify's a constantly morphing and improving platform, but they're also very responsive when something goes wrong. Glad they sorted this out. If you have a lot of products that your need to update at once though, give the CSV export/import method a try though. I find editing a column of data in Excel a whole lot faster than in the bulk editor.

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Thanks Gordonzed. I'm very relieved it was just an error that was rectified. 

I use the bulk editor throughout the day to quickly update and manipulate inventory, as I sell items in three packs and individually, so if an item sell out in the three pack I can quickly go to the bulk editor and remove the individual items and add one to the three pack.   


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Hi @azza101

I appreciate the feedback here guys, and can completely understand the confusion.

As @gordonzed mentioned, the bulk editor inventory feature has been restored and should work as you expect it to. Please let me know if you have any further questions!

Thanks for your comments, it helps us improve the Shopify experience for you.

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Hi @Ants 

I'm having the same problem as mentioned above. 

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May not be the most ideal solution, but if you get comfortable with it can actually be faster. Select all the products you want to edit, in the top-right corner click Export, and choose CSV for Excel... If you selected your entire catalog, you'll get the CSV in your email, otherwise just stay on the page and it will start a download.


The column you want is R, "Variant Inventory Qty"



Let me know if that helps, or if there's something more specific I can help with.

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Hi @Ann_Sandler

I know this is an old post from 2021, so I'm sure you're already aware that the issue has since been rectified!

Thanks for your comments, it helps us continually improve the Shopify experience for you.

Let me know if you have any further questions!

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